Daith Piercings & Migraine

Daith Piercings

What is daith piercing? What does a daith piercing have to do with migraine? What are the risks of daith piercing? Daith Piercings & Migraine Daith piercings are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative treatment for migraine headaches. Although there is limited scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of this …

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You Need to Know Everything About Tragus Piercings

Tattoos & Piercings

Tragus Piercings What is a Tragus Piercings? Pain and Healing Time Cost of a Tragus Piercings Aftercare Side Effects of Piercings How to Change Out a Tragus Piercings What Type of Jewelry Is Used for Tragus Piercings? What Jewelry Material Is Used for Tragus Piercings? Frequently Asked Questions What is …

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Tongue Piercings: Complete Instructions, Healing Time and Cost

Tongue Piercings

Tongue Piercings: Your Complete Guide Including Healing Time and Cost Getting your tongue penetrated is an extraordinary method for adding an interesting touch to your look. Regardless of whether everybody you know had tongue puncturing. there are such countless conceivable outcomes of arrangement, adornments decision, and style that yours would …

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Who is the current DG ISPR?

Major General Ahmed Sharif was posted as the new DG ISPR. Rawalpindi: High-level appointments and transfers have been made in the Pakistan Army. According to the announcement of Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR) Lt Gen Saeed has been posted as Commander 5 Corps to CGS, Lt Gen Shahid School of …

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