The Importance of manners

The Importance of manners:

Pass the Peas, Please

If you run over a sand castle created by your brother, kneel down and say “I’m sorry”. Then just help him build another.

The Importance of manners
The Importance of manners

When you see someone who’s different, don’t laugh. It isn’t fair. He might think you are different, but he doesn’t point and stare.

If you’re angry at a friend, don’t punch or kick or shout. Go for a walk and count to ten, then try to talk it out.

The importance of manners

No one likes to lose a game, but if you must. So if you lose, shake hands and say, “we’ll play again, I trust.”

When you’re eating mashed potatoes, and there’s something you must say, Please wait until you’ve swallowed.  The thought won’t go away.

If a friend is having trouble, and he falls and gives a help, don’t laugh or point or call him names. Say, “Are you hurt ?” and “May I help?”


If you’re great-aunt gives you candy, and your friends would like a lot, it’s nice to share a little, even thought you’d rather not.

When you’re sitting at the table, and want some extra peas, don’t shout out, “Gimme more of those.”

Say, “Pass the peas, please.”