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Pakmcquiz provide detail knowledge of mcqs that are asked in past paper of pts, nts, ppsc, fpsc. You can prepare yourself for all type of jobs related paper. In this category Computer Mcqs are provide with detail multiple choice and answers are bold. In this digital and AI era everything thing and all software are online using cloud storage and interest software. Website and software use without computer is impossible, so laptop and virtual computer and primary need of every department.

Almost all departments have computer needs. And it every important to know the basic knowledge of computer. If you want to get a job or admission related to computers, you must prepare online for computer science MCQ’S questions and answers.

Most of the test conductors like FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, PPSC, and others, are adding computer mcqs knowledge in their test patron. Having a good command of the computer is very necessary. Here are some multiple choice related to the Computer from basic to advance that will help our readers to secure high marks in the computer portion of the test. interviews like computer science.

Gigabyte is equal to how many Megabyte

gigabyte is equal to how many megabyte 1 gigabyte is equal to mb gigabyte is equal to how many bytes a gigabyte is equal to 1 gigabyte is equal to megabytes 1 gb is equal to how many mb 1 gigabyte is equal to gb 1 gigabyte is equal to how many gb

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The basic operations performed by a computer are____?

what type of operating system ms-dos is why the basic operations of computer are important what are the four basic operations of a computer? what is the basic operation that the computer is doing microprocessors as switching devices are for which generation computers explain four basic operations performed by every computer what are the five basic operations performed by the computer answer basic operation of computer

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