Complete guide to Cost of Tongue Piercing

Cost of Tongue Piercing, Guide to Budgeting for This beautiful Look:

The tongue piercing has become a popular body modification, especially among young adults. It’s a bold statement piece that can add a touch of individuality to your style. But before you take the plunge, it’s essential to understand the costs involved. This guide will explore the factors affecting tongue piercing costs, provide you with a national average range, and discuss additional expenses to consider.

Factors Affecting Tongue Piercing Cost

Several factors can influence the price of your tongue piercing:

1. Location
2. Experience of the Piercer
3. Jewelry Selection
4. Shop Reputation

National Average Tongue Piercing Cost

On average, a tongue piercing can range from $35 to $100 in the United States. This price usually includes the piercing itself and the initial jewelry. However, it’s crucial to remember that this is just a ballpark figure.

Additional Costs to Consider

1. Aftercare Solution
2. Tipping

Finding a Reputable Piercer is Priceless

While cost is certainly a factor, prioritizing a reputable piercer should be your top concern. Here are some tips for finding a professional:

1. Look for a shop with a clean and sterile environment
2. Ensure the piercer uses sterilized equipment and disposable needles
3. Ask about the piercer’s experience and qualifications
4. Read online reviews and recommendations


Tongue piercings can be a stylish and unique way to express yourself. By factoring in the various cost considerations and prioritizing a reputable piercer, you can make an informed decision about this body modification. The cost will vary depending on your location and chosen piercer, but budgeting $40 to $100 should be a good starting point.


Q: Is it okay to choose a cheaper piercer to save money?
A: While it’s tempting to go for the lowest price, sterilization and proper technique are paramount. Opting for a cheaper, inexperienced piercer increases your risk of infection and complications.

Q: How much does the jewelry typically cost?
A: Basic titanium barbells are usually included in the piercing price. If you prefer a different material or design, expect to pay extra for the jewelry itself.

Q: Should I tip my piercer?
A: Tipping your piercer is customary, similar to tipping for other services. The standard etiquette is 15-20% of the total cost.

Q: Does tongue piercing hurt?
A: Pain tolerance varies, but tongue piercings are generally rated as moderately painful (4-6 on a scale of 10). However, the discomfort is temporary and subsides quickly.

By considering these factors and following these tips, you can ensure a safe and stylish tongue piercing experience that fits your budget.

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