Who is the current DG ISPR?

Major General Ahmed Sharif was posted as the new DG ISPR.

Rawalpindi: High-level appointments and transfers have been made in the Pakistan Army.

According to the announcement of Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR) Lt Gen Saeed has been posted as Commander 5 Corps to CGS, Lt Gen Shahid School of Infantry and Tactics will be located in Quetta.

According to ISPR, Lt Gen Muhammad Ali has been appointed Quartermaster General of Army Strategic Force Central, while Lt Gen Saqib has been appointed as Corps Commander Bahawalpur from Commander Logistics Support.

According to the spokesperson of the Pakistan Army, Lt. Gen. Noman Zakaria has been appointed Commander Logistics Support from vice CGSA, and Lt. Gen. Babar Iftikhar has been appointed as Corps Commander Karachi from DG ISPR.

Apart from this, Lt Gen Shehbaz has been posted as AGFC of GO 10 Division, while Maj Gen Ahmed Sharif has been published as DG ISPR from DG DESTO.

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