guru mobile application

Guru mobile application for freelancing

Guru mobile application for freelancing  on mobile phone is not available on google play store. Today in the digital era and due to covid-19 freelancing profession is growing. Before covid-19 life was going very easy, few people knew about Freelancing. Suddenly, due to corona virus all office close and factories shut down, many employees lost jobs and jobless. In every country avoid to increase number of covid-19 cases, ministers promote work from home. Due to the unemployment people start searching for sources of income online.
Multiple freelancing platforms are available on the internet. Detail of Freelancing platforms.

Almost all platforms have mobile applications that we can install on mobile phone and remain updated about new notification, jobs, message. Using mobile application, we can reply to the customer quickly. Every person can carry a mobile phone in the pocket, on other side laptop and computer cannot carry the easily. Hope will take notice of this issue and soon resolve application problems.

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